Coby Byers
Tire-Rite Solutions
Tire Rite

Who is Tire-Rite Solutions you may ask?

Our goal is to bring quality air pressure measurement tools to the golf, off road, motorsport, aviation, and commercial industries.

Coby is a life long professional shade tree mechanic that has turned a wrench on everything from off-road jeeps, hot rods/muscle cars to helicopters in the Army and vintage warbirds after.

He’s always thought that every tire gauge he’s used was lacking in quality in one form or another. Either the handle was not easy to use, the the gauge was questionable quality or the hose dry rotted in a year and the air chuck would not stay on the the stem. So he decided to bring together the highest quality parts and custom assemble his own product that would meet the needs of professional and backyard mechanics no matter what their passion.

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